When I began my home based business over 15 years ago my goal was to provide the public with healthy, happy puppies to enrich their lives.  I do firmly believe that each puppy I place has a purpose in someone's life.

I told myself that my business would be based upon honesty and integrity.  I feel I have done exactly that.  I take the time to counsel with each prospective puppy  family.  I also ask each prospective family what it is you are looking for in a puppy.  I then take the time to watch my puppies and make the best possible match for you and yours.

I will also ask you, the buyer, several questions.  I want to know that my puppies are being placed in the best, most loving homes as possible.  I delight in knowing that you will love and care for these babies.

A puppy, in my opinion,  is a very important matter.  You are adding to your family and you need to have the knowledge in how to care for and allow for the new puppy to adjust into your family.  I try to give you as much insight as possible in how to do so.

I also give God the praise and glory in helping and guiding me to a prosperous home based business.  Raising puppies is a second nature to me.  I have many years of experience in doing so and God is the one that has given me the knowledge and wisdom to do what I do.  

I give thanks each morning and throughout the day to God for providing me with a beautiful place to reside and for the family he has given me.
I pray that you know God in your daily walk and that you too are blessed!!