THERE IS A $35 DELIVERY FEE IF YOU ARE MET OUTSIDE OF MY CITY. WE DO DELIVER TO THE DALLAS TEXAS AREA EVERY SAT MORNING WITH ADVANCE ARRANGEMENTS.   ALSO we do ship to all 50 states.  Fees usually average $300 unless there is an unusual circumstance that requires something extra.  Delta airline ship fees increase to $325.  American Airline is the airline of our choice. AA delivers to most major cities and has no layovers.  It is important that your puppy reach your airport in as short a period as possible to avoid stress of shipping.

A puppy carrier and shipping certificate is included in the above fee.  

Overseas or out of country shipping costs vary.  It will depend upon contact with the airline that is available to each country.  Some countries required much paperwork, delays and quarantines, we do reserve the right to not ship to certain countries.  We also decide the age at which a puppy is shipped.  This is to avoid undue stress upon a young puppy that it may not be able to endure.  We consider each case individually.  The health of the puppy comes first and foremost.

We do request that you have a tube of nutracal available to your puppy upon arrival. This substance picks up the puppy's energy level after the flight and will allow the puppy to regain the ability to adjust to the change of atmosphere and environment.  Also please read up on the subject of canine blood sugar issues and be familiar with the signs and prevention of such as we do not warranty against such.