How do I go about securing a puppy from Whispering Pine Puppies?

We accept payment through Paypal, just go to send a payment and enter  and place your deposit of $200.  That will hold the puppy for you until further arrangements are made.  IF YOU ARE USING A CREDIT CARD TO PAY PLEASE ADD  3.5 % TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT FOR THE FEES CHARGED, MOST DEBIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL NOT CHARGE THE FEE IF IT IS A DIRECT PAYMENT, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK FIRST!!  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE SO PLEASE BE CERTAIN YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THE PUPPY.  Sometimes payments can be made over a short period of time to purchase a more expensive puppy, arrangements can be made, just ask.

We also accept money orders or cashiers checks and would prefer that you send such by a two day certified mail.  That gives you a receipt of payment also.

How do I print out the warranty page on your website?

You right click on warranty page, choose save, then place in your documents. Print it out from there, sign, scan and email back to me.  Or just print it out and mail to my address.  Warranty must be completed before purchase is finalized.

What item do I need for my puppies arrival?

Whispering Pine Puppy feeds Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy formula.  You can also purchase a quality canned food to go along with the dry.  Please have a tube of Nutracal available. You can purchase this at any vet clinic or possibly petco or petsmart.

What do I do for low blood sugar issues on teacup yorkies?

First, if the puppy is exhibiting any signs such as:  listlessness, fatigue, drunk like stagger.  Immediately give honey or karo syrup through a syringe (very slowly) to bring the puppy around.  Call your vet and take the puppy in immediately.  Low blood sugar can be deadly, so know the signs.

Have you ever had problems with shipping a puppy?

No, we have shipped many puppies over the years and have had little or no problems.  We take every precaution available to make the puppy comfortable and the airlines do too.  We like American Airlines because it is a straight flight from Dallas to requested airport.  No layovers.

When can the puppy be shipped?

Each puppy is individually considered for shipping times.  If the puppy is eating well and showed no signs of sugar issues, we can usually ship around 10 weeks of age for yorkies or maltese.  Smaller yorkies sometimes have to wait until 12 weeks or older, if they are teacups.
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